How to wear Inserts?

Our patented inserts are designed to be sticky on both sides.
They are not meant to be worn like a bra as they cannot hold their own weight. You'll need to stick it to a structured and tight-fitting top or dress first then to your skin.



You will see a really nice cleavage line and boost in volume in low, v-necklines. If your clothing is sheer, choose a colour closest to your skin tone to get the perfect coverage!



Our Demi Boost inserts create cleavage and lift to increase volume; filling sweetheart necklines in everyday clothing, bridal gowns and even swimwear.

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Our inserts are double-sided sticky and are held up by clothing and skin, without straps and buckles. They are also safe to go in the pool with swimwear!

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The inserts are not working, what do i do?

Clothing with stiffer fabrics and not-so stretchy material.

Inserts aren't designed to be worn like a bra, you'll need to stick it to the top or dress first and it's meant to be held up by both your structured and tight top AND your skin. We made sure to make it just sticky enough for this purpose so the adhesive feels comfortable and gentle on the skin!

Make sure you are wearing a structured and tight top so the inserts can push up the volume of your breasts as it sit between your clothing and skin. Remember to first stick the insert to your clothing (not to the skin) and SCOOP and lift as much as you want a push up before sticking the insert down in position.

How to wear a Sticky Bra?

Our super seamless, high-quality sticky bras are sticky on one side and are designed for both loose and tight fitting clothing.


Thin, light-coloured

Choose a colour closest to your skin tone from our range of seamless smooth cotton or matte silicone sticky bras for perfect coverage.

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Silky, relaxed fit

If your neckline and arm holes are curved or loose, our Demi Sticky Bra stays hidden with it's unique low profile design!

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Backless, loose

Avoid bra lines and straps showing in your backless outfits. Our sweat-resistant sticky bras give you that braless look with all day comfort.

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Still got questions about sticky bras?

Because all sticky bras have a clasp in the middle, you are able to sticky each side of the bra slightly apart so you can gather more volume towards the centre for a deeper cleavage line before clasping! But if you want a sticky bra that has some extra padding, check out our Magic Padded Sticky Bra!

As our sticky bras are designed to be worn at an angle, the clasps in the middle usually sit very low near the base of your breasts. Unless your neckline is plunging, you should still be able to use our sticky bras for V-necklines and have it hidden. You are free to adjust the angles when wearing to stay hidden under tops. For plunging necklines, try Classic Lift!

How to wear body tape?

Depending on what clothing you are wearing it with, BOOMBA Body Tape can be be worn in many ways, check it out here. For starters, practise with video below!

How to care for my BOOMBA products?

Only our inserts, sticky bras and Magic Nipple Covers are washable and reusable. Follow the steps below to take good care of them and maximise their lifespan.