Using BOOMBA Inserts In The Water

Hot girl summer, here we come!

So, you’ve probably got your beach trip planned already, or your friends have already invited you to their pool party (We’re jealous!). This might be the time when you’re looking for something that will provide that extra oomph factor, security, and support in your bikinis.

Well, tick it off your list as BOOMBA Inserts do all that AND MORE! Yes, we might just be exactly what you are looking for! Sticky on both sides, reusable, providing lift and boosting your cup size in seconds! They are available in different shades and sizes ranging from AA to E cups. These babies can give you picture-perfect cleavage instantly and stay discreet all day under your bikinis during your sunny beach trip.

Did we mention that they are also sweatproof and water-resistant?

Currently, other inserts on the market are not ideal for use in water, as they can get slippery and slip out when you are in the water. Who wants that??

There’s a reason why BOOMBA inserts are the world’s best-selling double-sided adhesive insert. Our inserts are coated with medical-grade silicone that makes our inserts resistant to water AND also grips onto your top and sticks to your skin, ensuring they stay exactly where they should! No shifting, no slipping!

And sweaty days? No worries! Our inserts do not rely solely on sticking to your skin like other sticky bras do. We also grip onto the clothing to prevent unwanted movement, that’s why we are sweatproof!

Whether you’re going to a pool party, chilling at the beach, or catching some vitamin D elsewhere, just like Julia Moreuda, you’ll want to add these inserts under your bikini for that extra oomph, and extra security against nip slips! Check out her video here:

Not convinced yet? Watch this video to see how water-resistant BOOMBA Inserts are:

Lights, Camera, BOOMBA in Action:

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